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Innovation starts with an idea.

Mistakes are made every day. But in cybersecurity, small mistakes are often overlooked. According to a study by The Information Systems Audit and Control Association, human error is one of the largest contributing factors to cyber and system incidents. It takes years to build an organizational reputation and only a few minutes of a cybersecurity incident to tear it down.

Understanding which users present the highest likelihood of causing a data breach in the coming days, weeks, or months is paramount to know where to focus your IT Security attention.  SixEngines.


Mark Obrecht

Chief Executive Officer

Mark is a passionate entrepreneur and technologist. He has been a leader in the cybersecurity industry for two decades including founding 2 VC-backed companies. Prior to founding SixEngines, he was Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Ziften Technologies; Architect, Behavioral Detection Engines at Symantec (SONAR); and Founder & VP of Research and Core Technology at

WholeSecurity (acquired by Symantec). Mark holds 10 patents (issued or pending) in the area of behavioral malware detection, process classification, and systems management, and is the first-named inventor on the industry patent for Behavioral Malware Detection (US 7930751 B2).

David Lemley

Chief Technology Officer

David has over 30 years of experience in the realm of enterprise software development and electronics engineering, covering a wide range of industries including cybersecurity, finance technologies, enterprise management, and embedded systems. He has several granted patents in security and finance technology. Prior to co-founding SixEngines, David held various leadership positions at TabbedOut, Rev Worldwide, BindView, Symantec, and BMC Software.

Robert Myers

Chief Scientist

Robert brings extensive experience in product development, operating system internals, and data analysis to SixEngines. An expert developer proficient in numerous technologies, he has been an engineering lead at uShip, Blue Coat Systems, and Ziften Technologies. Rob holds a B.S. in Molecular Biology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and a M.S. in Computational Biology from Carnegie Mellon University.